tape Aesthetic Hazard Project
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Site Zero

This site is a "rehearsal" for the actual installations of the project. Its purpose was to isolate and identify problems and points where the installation could run more smoothly. The main lesson from this test has been the need for a staple gun.

location A

in the park located at NE 26th Street and Biscayne Blvd.

We encountered exposure issues with the low light levels under the trees, prompting us to do a follow-up at location B. Once the photographs have been developed we will compare them and make appropriate preparations for future low-light conditions.

location B

at the corner of NE 19th Street and NE 2nd Avenue

One of the big questions I had was "how long will the tape remain up?" I will be watching the two sites to see how long it remains in place.

Photographs by Harlan Erskine.